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Prototype Tools

When your ready to bring your concept to the production phase, EGLI Machine has the experience and knowledge to create your tooling quickly and accurately.  Our tooling will be specifically built to meet and/or exceed your requirements to assure your product's success.  With over 30 years in pre-production prototype tooling and production tooling, our team has the expertise needed to analyze your production requirements and determine the optimal tool which is appropriate for your production run and end product parts.

Our Prototype tools are guaranteed to hold up to short volume production while keeping costs down by not over engineering the tool. We offer technology that allows you to review your prototype tooling design for manufacturability before we produce your production tool. This saves our customers time and money by allowing them to make changes without having to re-design a production tool. Whether you have a short run production or a high volume production, EGLI has the prototyping team to make your project a success.


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