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Dock-to-Stock Authorized

EGLI Machine serves a number of companies and organizations we work with through our Dock-to-Stock program. Our Dock-to-Stock program puts the customer first and allows many companies the opportunity to focus on faster production times.

Advantages of utilizing a Dock-to-Stock program:

  • Streamlines workflow - Becoming a Dock-to-Stock partner means that set-up occurs only once instead of every time you need to re-order parts because your company information and part information are already in our system.
  • Produces higher quality parts - The fundamental advantage of a Dock-to-Stock program is that a system is in place to manufacture "x" quantity of units per month, over "x" months using a 45-day buffer window for push-pull planning based on customer communications.  Because orders are planned ahead, parts aren't being rushed through the system.  Planning allows for proper engineering, set-up, and manufacturing - every time you need parts.
  • Reduced Inventory - Because you won't be carrying inventory on your book and in your warehouse, money and space are freed up to allow for company expansion and workflow streamlining.
  • Cost Reduction - Egli Machines Full time Quality Control inspectors insure your product meets all process documents before being shipped and allows product to go directly to Stock in your facility.

Why Choose EGLI as your Dock-to-Stock parts supplier:

  • Our quality assurance department insures your parts are ready to ship and ready for integration when you need them.
  • Our advanced part tracking software guarantees the parts you need are in-stock and ready to ship.
  • Years of experience in creating Dock-to-Stock programs for a variety of clients in a many different industries.

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